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William in New York City

Abstract: I have a passion to write. Especially when a story lies hidden for so long that it is now screaming out from my heart to be written down in words. William, my youngest son, had given the lethargic-me the impetus to move forward.

It all started with a dinner conversation with William last November. We were having a hot-pot dinner in Shanghai, where he was based. Just the two of us, father and son.

William said: “Dad, you should take up writing seriously as you are a damn fine writer.”

“I am still writing on and off. On a novel which has never seen the light of day as yet.” I replied.

William in New York City. The Twin Towers were still there.

“I know that you are pursuing your dream of being a published writer, but first you have to wake up.” He said with a sneer. He knew his dad was a great procrastinator.

“What do you have in mind? So far I didn’t attain much in life.” I said.

“Meantime, you can write about your experiences in life. You have resided in many countries before. You have your fair share of happiness and trouble. Or you can even write about the volatile, tumultuous or perhaps loving relationship with mum.”

The sister and her two brothers in Queens, New York City

William took a sip on his glass, and continued, “And the upbringing of your 3 kids too. Family matters may be fun to read about. Share it out. Your current fans on your blog may learn some lessons from you.” William remarked.

“If it’s writing about my own life experiences, it should be about a man who started at the bottom and …” I left the sentence hanging there. William remained impassive, waiting for me to finish the sentence.

“huh…and ended up there!” I said nonchalantly. 

William and Yours Truly in Myanmar buying jade.

That elicited a laughter from him. Perhaps he should give me a standing ovation for stating such an obvious idiotic truth.

“Yes, write about your failures in life too. The things you should do, and didn’t do. The things that you should not have done, and you did it. That would be quite inspirational for your readers.” That kid was now giving lectures to his old Dad.

“You already have many followers on your website. A lot of my friends are following your blog. But they commented that your stories are not consistent. So, make it a point to post consistently.”

That evening, William had thus given me a new leash in life.

Yours Truly with the 3 kids at Columbus Circle, New York City.

But it is not until lately, that I am desk-bound. The Movement Control Order on the pandemic virus Covid-19 has caused all my traveling plans to go awry. I am almost home-bound daily.

Calvin, the second son, said that he would provide me with whatever resources I required. Be it marketing, IT, finance, Social media, big data, creative designs & the whole works. His staff members could lend me a big helping hand.

He said that I could fly. I could go places. I could dream. I could meditate. I could do whatever it please me. But I have to write up the content of what’s in my head and in my heart.

Marilyna and Calvin graduating at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City

Then a thought came to me. Perhaps these two lads were afraid that the mind of their Dad might go seed. They were pushing the envelope. They wanted me to pursue my passion relentlessly. Or die a senile old man. I have to keep the fire burning just as in the days of yore. When life became a daily struggle to keep my head above the water.

Perhaps it may be more challenging. 

I have to re-invent myself again. Just so that, I won’t fall off the chair. As of now, even if I have to run like mad, I am still in the same place.

Keep going …. So be it.

OUR STORY will continue every Tuesday and Friday …Stay tune



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