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I am a Graduate Gemologist trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York City, USA. I hold an MBA degree from Cranfield University, United Kingdom, and a Bachelor degree in Mathematics.



Diamond Shapes & Engagement Ring Styles

For Engagement Ring, newly engaged couples can choose their preferred diamond shapes and settings. Below is a graphic representation of the choices and the settings you can make.

Can Lab-grown Diamonds Replace The Real Thing?

Billy Porter is a man who knows how to rise to a fashion occasion. For the 2019 Met Gala, the "Pose" star dressed as the Pharaoh god Ra and was carried onto the red carpet by six shirtless men, while...

Great Grandmother Tells A Story

My mother is 93 years old this year. She was a highly educated woman in her maiden days in Guangzhou. She is well versed in the history of China. And she reads...


“天才母亲”的故事分享: 就在几天前,我的母亲迎来了她92岁的寿辰,她经常教导我要学会珍惜当下,不要沉浸在对往昔的回忆,也不要迷失于对未来的幻想,这简单的人生哲学远比我阅读过的其他书籍都更有价值。 已经92岁的她,身体状况仍保持良好,她能借助手杖缓慢的走动,但骨质疏松症让她的胸椎及腰椎负荷量加大,使脊椎前倾形成驼背。她还有高血压的问题。 我的父母祖籍广州,之后移民至 “南洋”,他们曾受过良好的教育,经历过第二次世界大战,包括马来亚时代的动荡与变迁,也面对过共产主义的威胁。  我的家族历史可追溯到清朝时代,而我的孩子现在已是第24代传人。我的父亲于几年前去世,享年94岁,我的父母结婚已有69年,这让我感到悲痛。 年龄虽然使 “天才母亲” 的脑力逐渐减退,但她仍然机智过人。我经常会向她询问或者探讨一些关于个人家庭或者财务问题,我们还经常就生活经历、宗教、中国哲学或世界历史展开讨论。

Are my Diamond Accents Real Diamonds?

Hi Arthur Your post on “What are Diamond Accents?” is great. It’s educational and provides me with a lot of information. I have a question.