The Karat of Gold

The purity of gold content of a jewelry or gold ornament is measured in karat.  This term goes back to the ancient bazaars of the Middle East where ‘carob’ beans were used to weigh precious metal, such as gold and silver.

One must remember that 100% pure gold is liquid in form.  A 0.01% of alloys, is added to harden the gold. The alloys are usually silver, copper, nickel and palladium. 

Different alloys mix are used in jewelry for greater strength, durability and color range. 

Gold bullion bars like those sold by Johnson Matthey or other gold bullion companies comprises 99.99% pure gold.  JM called their 1 kg kilo bars as .9999 Kilo Bar.

Karat is a unit of measure of gold purity for a gold item.  24 karat is the highest of which the pure gold content is 99.99%.

The chart above shows the karatage of gold content.  It refers to the content of gold in a jewelry item.

The unit of measure for gold as traded on the International Gold & Commodity Exchanges is in Troy Ounce.  1 Troy ounce is equivalent to 31.1034768 gms.



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