How To Use A Tweezer?

Abstract: If you intend to become a gemologist, or have a fervent interest in learning about diamonds and gemstones, the two basic skills are to learn how to use a loupe and a tweeze.

When you attend a gemologist training class, the first thing they would teach you is how to use a tweezer properly. This is a no brainer. Given a tweezer anybody will be able to handle it quite well. It depends on how often you handle it and you will be competent with it over time and usage.

There are various types of tweezers for holding diamonds and gemstones. The most common one or the most often used one is the simple two prong type with serrated tips to hold the stone more securely.

For diamond tweezers it come in 4 sizes, XF (Extra Fine), F (Fine), M (Medium), L (Large) and XL (Extra Large). If you are holding a 1 pointer or up to 10 or more pointers diamonds, you use the XF tweezer. For bigger size stones, you have to use the appropriate sizes so that the stone can be held securely with it being pinched off.

The other type is the stone holder with 4 gripping pincers which is extended by an injector at the tip of the tweezer. This tweezer is useful when you want to hold the stone without using a small pressure grip using your thumb and forefinger.

Another type of tweezer for holding a pearl is the pearl holder with two small cups at the tip to grip the pearl. The cups are made of plastic so as not to damage the pearl.

A few tips here on how a diamond professional or a gemologist would use a tweezer.

One would normally hold a tweezer with the thumb and the forefinger.  The pinky finger should be placed within the palm with the back of the pinky and the ring finger in between.  In this way you can rotate the tweezer to view the stone in every direction.

When you are holding a diamond or a gemstone with a tweezer, use the palm on the other hand as a background. This will give you more focus and you will not be distracted by other things that are lying on the table.

To view a stone use the tweezer to hold the girdle of the diamond in between the prongs to view the stone table-top, as well as the pavilion of the diamond.

If you need to view the laser inscription on the girdle of a diamond, then hold the stone in between the table and the culet.

It’s just that simple. With practice you can use the tweezer like a diamond professional.

Have fun.

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