Great Grandmother Tells A Story

My Mother with her two great grandchildren.

My mother is 92 years old this year.

Mother is Great!

She was a highly educated woman in her maiden days in Guangzhou. She is well versed in the history of China. And she reads every day.

My mother has a phenomenal memory. She is a good narrator of stories.

When we were oh! so young with our Mother having dinner.

Then, when we were young, my two siblings and I loved to hear her stories of her younger days in Guangzhou. She could delve into Confucian philosophy and gave us stories of morality, courage and sacrifices of past Chinese leaders. Above all, we were much entranced by the ghost stories she narrated in suspense.

The three kids with their grandparents.

Then, when my three children were growing up, they too loved to listen to stories from their grandma.

Now, coming to the third generation, my mother would again tell stories to her two great grandchildren.

So, I made a simple video clip. Our Marketing staff members did all the editing.

By the way, she is on Facebook. She never misses out giving me a Like whenever I put up a post. She chats with her relatives from Guangzhou on Wechat. She is on our Whatsapp MaMa Group Chat.

My Mother and Yours Truly.

She is on Youtube. All her old favorite operas or Shaw Brothers movies of yesteryears came alive on her Samsung smartphone.

Daily she reads through the Chinese vernacular newspapers. Hence, she is updated on the Black protestors in Hong Kong during the past months, or the current situation of Covid-19.

Ah! Mother is great.


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