The Family Circus

William Aloysius Keane ( October 5, 1922 – November 8, 2011), better known as Bill Keane, was an American cartoonist most notable for his work on the newspaper comic, the Family Circus. It began in 1960 and continues in syndication, drawn by his son Jeff Keane

Back in the early 70s, our local vernacular English paper had a comic strip by Bil Keane every Sunday. I was an ardent follower. I found the comic strip amusing. Its sense of humour depicted the real circus that was within the family, though the comic was an all American family’s way of life.

On one Sunday, I was immediately drawn to one particular comic strip. I cut it out and pasted onto my note book. That note book is still with me today.

Billy, the eldest child, was praying on his bed, being watched by his mother, with all her tender loving care. A picture tells a thousand words, the innocence of a toddler praying. No eloquence of words is needed when one prays from the heart.

Yes, God is there. God works in mysterious ways.




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