The Dresden White Diamond

The Dresden White Diamond is a cushion-cut diamond with a weight of 49.71 carat. Purportedly, this is the rare Type IIa colorless diamond of D color. This is another diamond which probably came from the Golconda mines in Southern India.

The name of Dresden White is derived from Dresden, the capital city of Saxony, Germany and the diamond is colorless (or white).

This diamond is dated back to the early 18th century. When the diamond was first shown to Frederick Augustus I, who was the King of Saxony, he was so fascinated by the stone that he wanted to acquire it at all cost. He had supposedly paid more $750,000 for the stone, a very large princely sum of monies at that time and only a King could afford such extravaganza.

King Frederick had acquired such an enormous collection of treasures that he set up the Green Vault in Dresden Castle to house them.

In 1746, Jean Jacques Pallard, a renowned goldsmith, designed an elaborate Golden Fleece where he placed the Dresden White on top of the design. Later the Golden Fleece was broken up and it was incorporated into a shoulder knot ornament surrounded with 19 big diamonds and 216 smaller stones.

After World War I, all the items in the Green Vault were put on public display until the commencement of World War II where most of the valuables were transferred to the Konigstein Fortress.

In 1945 when Germany surrendered to the Allies, Soviet Troupes took all the contents back to Moscow. It was in 1958, the valuables were returned to Germany where they were placed for public display at the Modern Art Museum, Albertinium, which was built on the same site as the Dresden Castle.

Unfortunately, on 25 November 2019, thieves broke into the Green Vault and one of the missing item was the Dresden White Diamond. To this day, the diamond was never found.


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