An Act of Prayer

Abstract: This is one of the various meditative approach as taught by the remarkable Mr G. It was recorded by one of our close fellow disciples, who has followed Mr G for many years.

You can try this approach when you want to send your healing energy and warmth feelings to your loved ones, who may not be physically with you.

You can do it when you are doing your routine meditation. You do not have to sit in a full lotus position. Just relax in your room or in whatever place that you may be.

Just remember that it is important to separate your intellectual mind with your intuitive mind.

Create a feeling of love, of warmth, or good will in your breast in the vicinity of your heart. Visualize this as a glowing pink aura which emanates from the heart and completely surrounds your body.

Then visualize, see clearly in your mind’s eye, the person you wish to help.

By an act of the Will now send a portion of your aura in the form of a pink cloud to the object of your love. Feel love for this person and see that the pink cloud encapsulate him or her in a pink aura of protection.

Then immediately dismiss all thoughts of it from your mind and regard it as mission accomplished.

When this technique is properly performed, the results are amazing. Usually the treatment must be repeated for many days before any results are apparent, but eventually they show up in the most remarkable manner.

In sending love it is important that no specific result is desired or foreseen. There must be no such planning by the sender. The manifestation must be left to the Intelligence of the Soul actuating the healing energy. When this is done it always comes out in the most desirable manner.

Give it a try.


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