The Scope of The GIA Diamond Grading System

One might ask on the objectivity and subjectivity of the GIA Diamond Grading System.

The following questions are pertinent to this grading system:

Carat is clear, precise and objective. 

The weight can be taken up to 2 decimal point of a carat and this is easily done with a precise weighing scale.

Color can be subjective.

It is only a definition and not an absolute scale. So what is the main difference between a D color diamond as compared to an E color diamond when the GIA Diamond Color Scale.

How would one put an absolute number to the definition of Near Colorless?

Clarity can also subjective.

It is a description of the inclusions from within and from without the stone, that is, internal inclusions within the stone and external inclusions on the surface of the stone. 

What is the difference between VVS1 and VVS2?

Cut is also another description with no absolute scale. 

How would you separate Excellent Cut with Very Good Cut?

When you attend the Graduate Diamond course by GIA you would have been stumped at first.  You would have thought that this is not a precise science, utilizing some subjective descriptions to assign a grade. But as you go along the learning curve you will then see the beauty of the system.

The International Diamond Grading System by GIA has evolved since the early 50s and it has established the stringent standards that revolutionized the whole diamond industry.

It is the 100% consistency that makes the GIA Diamond Grading Report the premier and the international sole authority on grading of diamonds that are used and trusted by all the diamond dealers of the world.

That is, if you send a diamond for grading at GIA, Los Angeles and to GIA New York City or to GIA in Bangkok or Hong Kong, the GIA Diamond Grading Report will be graded to be the same.

There is little subjectivity to it.

So if you have Cash or a Credit Card with disposable spending power (the 5th C) buy a diamond that is accompanied by a GIA Diamond Grading Report.



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