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Do you have any questions on your diamond ring that you have been wearing for years? Or your heirloom jade bangle or whether your loose faceted ruby colored stone is natural or synthetic?  How do you take care of your diamond pendant and other jewellery? Or is it worthwhile to liquidate your estate gold jewellery now when the gold price is at its all-time high?

As a practising gemologist and a diamond dealer for more than 25 years, I have often been sought for advice on questions relating to diamonds, colored stones, jade, noble metals and jewellery.

So, I start this column on ‘Ask Arthur’ to provide assistance and answers to questions from my readers.

If you want to make enquiries on your diamond ring, jewellery or colored stones, just follow these simple steps:

The above service does not constitute a service and payment contract.  No fee is charged.  However, Terms & Conditions apply. These are stated as below.

The opinion given will appear as a post. Your name and email address will not appear on the post. Instead an alias may be used.

Thank you

Arthur Lau


By sending an enquiry to Arthur (herein known as the Author) to this website, to request an opinion on a specimen item, the reader (herein known as the Enquirer) understands and abides by the following Terms & Conditions.

The Enquirer must be a subscriber;

The Enquirer must send through his/her request through the Contact Form found at the top of the page;

Pictures of the specimen must be sent to;

This is a non-fee service rendered to the Enquirer by the Author;

The Author will not assume any liabilities nor entertain any consequential claims by the Enquirer or any third parties should the opinion of the Author differs from what the Enquirer obtains from other sources;

The opinion by the Author is only based on the written information and pictures sent by the Enquirer.  There are by no means conclusive.  Therefore, the Enquirer must seek the advice of a gemologist or any specialist should he/she wish to pursue the matter further;

The written enquiry by the Enquirer may be printed as a post in total or subject to edition.  The opinion of the Author will also be printed on the same post. The post will appear in the Category of ‘Ask Arthur Lau’;

Any further private correspondences on the enquiry by the Enquirer shall be taken on a private and confidential basis;

If the Enquirer mentions that the specimen in question is purchased, acquired or obtained from a vendor with the vendor’s name stated in the enquiry, the vendor’s name will be replaced as XYZ company.  This is to avoid any conflict of interest and any subsequent law suits should the opinion of the Author differs from what the vendor represented to the Enquirer on the specimen;

Once the Author posted his opinion the Enquirer can choose to unsubscribe to this website if he/she so wishes.  There is no compulsion to remain as a subscriber;

The Enquirer cannot use the opinion of the Author on the subject specimen as material evidence for any courts of law to pursue any legal suits against the vendor of the Enquirer;

Any photos relating to the subject specimen send to the Author by the Enquirer are deemed to be the properties of the Enquirer and that there is no infringement of copyright when the Author publishes such photos;

The Author may choose not to give any opinion on the subject specimen should the Author finds that there is insufficient information to render an opinion;

Any opinions given by the Author and posted on the Author’s website are deemed to be given solely to the Enquirer.  The Author will not be responsible and held liable if the post appears on other websites;

The above Terms & Conditions may be changed, altered or amended at any time without any notifications to any parties.


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