The Moment Of Truth – The Diamond Engagement Ring

When a couple is about to tie the knot and be pronounced later as husband and wife in the marriage institution, kith and kin, friends, colleagues and business associates and social media friends wish for them the best of life in their journey together.

But in their own inner hearts what do they really wish for themselves?

Most of them will pledge eternal love for each other, though they may live but only for one life time on earth. Theirs will be the hope that their love for each other continues to grow year upon year, month upon month and for each day and for each moment. Their commitment will be the promise of “I do”, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others and till death do us apart. They are to love and cherish each other – then, now and forever.

Herein, lies the Moment of Truth, the Moment when both accepted each other as their life-long partner. The man would like to gift something symbolic to the woman he loves, something of eternal value and worth, something of immense gratitude for the reciprocity of her love for him and something for the trust and faith in him. And that something should bind them together, not in knots of possessiveness and dominance, but in the freedom and choice to choose each other.

That something of significance is the Diamond Engagement Ring.

This will be the first step towards a life time together as a family, and perhaps in most cases to multiply and replenish the earth with their off-springs.

A diamond is one of the rarest treasures from Mother Earth. A diamond is an antique from Nature. A diamond that is formed more than a billion years ago and that poured forth onto the earth’s surface by Tectonic plate movements or mined deep inside the earth’s crust.

Diamonds in the rough.

A diamond is the hardest mineral on earth. It has withstood the test of time and underwent violent earth’s geological activities. In its rough, few would have known the beauty within until it is cut precisely and polished well. And when man takes over the work of nature with the love of his labour, a cut diamond will shine forth it’s ultimate brilliance, it’s spectroscopic scintillations and it’s purity of light and fire.

Diamonds, diamonds & diamonds

Thus, a diamond is forever ….

Hence, for a woman to wear a Diamond Engagement Ring as presented by her man, it symbolizes the enduring quality of love between them. As in a diamond there are 3 distinct qualities – Durability, Rarity and Beauty.

1). The Durability of their love, it binds them together in life – in times of happiness and joy and in times of sorrow and pain.

2). The Rarity of finding love in each other in the vastness of humanity, that there is only one unique person worthy of each other’s love.

3). The Beauty of understanding each other and the inner intimate feelings that spring forth for each other.

Thus, the Diamond Engagement Ring shall win the heart, mind and soul of the fair lady he loves.

Durability, Rarity & Beauty


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