The Waves of the Yangtze River ….長江後浪推前浪

Abstract: My mother is going to be 90 this year. As was, as is and as will be, she is my guiding light and how bless I am, that at my age my mother is still very much alive and still gives me some of the soundest advice. God bless her, always!

摘要 :  我母亲今年将是要90岁了。 无论過去现在或者是将来都还是一样,她都是我的指路明灯,我是多么的幸福,在我这把年纪,我母亲还健康地活着,她仍然一直都给我一些最好忠告。 祈求上帝永远保佑她!

The Pounding Waves of the Yangtze River

My mother will be 90 this year by the lunar calendar.  Her osteoporosis of many years has taken its toll and she is almost bent double, her back racked with pain occasionally and have to take a daily dose of pain killer. She is still mobile, walking slowly with the aid of a stainless steel quad cane.


根据农历年我的母亲今年将会已是90岁了她多年来的骨质疏松症已经使她付出代价,现在她几乎是半弯腰了,偶尔会有严重的背痛,不得不每天服用止痛药。 但是她仍然是行动自如,在不锈钢四手杖的帮助下慢慢的走动。

However, her mind is very active, with a photographic memory and a superb intelligence to match. I am always awe struck by her ability to recite Chinese classical poetry off hand without reading from any text, and her agility to add an appropriate proverb in our conversation.

但是,她思想能力依旧非常的活跃,具有过目不忘的记忆力和高超的智慧。 中国古典诗歌的背诵能力真棒,不需要手拿任何阅读书本,她的敏捷性在我们的日常谈话中增加了一分乐趣,我总是对此感到敬畏。

Hence, I engage her on a daily basis, talking with her for hours, telling her about my hopes and aspirations, small triumphs and big failures, family ups and downs and quite often, some of these are S.O.S …Same Old Stories, that keep repeating itself. But she is always all patience, listening intently and she hears everything I say aloud, and much more than that, she hears the things that I am not about to say, the things that I do not want to say and the things that are suppressed within me. Perhaps it is her innate ability to read me like an open book, but I will attribute all these to her ability that she listens with her ears and hears with her heart.

因此,我每天都喜与她交,与她交谈几个小时,告诉她我的希望和愿望,小小的胜利和重大的失败,家庭的起伏,经常有一些是求助 …重复重复相同的旧故事。 但是她总是耐心的,专心地倾听,她听到所说的一切,不仅如此,她听到了我不想说的话和被压抑在我心里的话 许是她天生能力就像一本开放书一样的阅读我,但我将把所有这些归功于用她的耳朵和她的内心去倾听我的心声。

We talk some politics, business, life philosophies, sex, life style, career, marital bliss and woes, religion and some jokes too, and it was always a no holds bar basis. We talk openly, and of course we do sprinkle our conversation with some lively and interesting stories of marital life. I talk about some of my friends and she talks about her friends, many of whom have come to pass, who maintain two or three families, or a friend who was jilted or a friend who walked away after 30 years of marriage. Mother often quotes, “It is not easy to enjoy the bliss of marital life when one has two families.” Of course, she is not referring to me, but often she uses examples to help me understand the complexities and intricacies of life. Ha! At way past half a century of living, I am still learning under the knees of my mother. How bless I am!

们时常谈论一些政治,商业,人生哲学,性生活,生活方式,事业,婚姻的幸福和悲哀,宗教和一些笑话,而这些一直都是一个非常难和不能容忍的话题。 们坦率地交谈,当然我们还会用一些生动有趣的婚姻生活故事来谈论我们话题。 谈到我的一些朋友,她谈到她的朋友们,其中许多朋友都过来人,他们有两三个家庭,有些或者被抛弃了,有些朋友在结婚三十多年后都要闹离婚。 亲经常引用说“ 有两个家庭时,享受婚姻生活的乐趣并不容易阿 !。当然,她并不是指我,而是经常用例子来帮助我理解错综生活的复杂性。 哈! 过去半个世纪的生活,仍然在向母亲跪下学习。 多么幸福阿!

Once when we were talking about “Raising Children” I lamented to my mother that the two boys were on their own, and my role in the business was getting lesser and lesser. We used to run a few brick-and-mortar retail jewelry business, where we worked together. Now the two boys have diversified their businesses and are active in various business sectors. And I cannot even follow their shadows.

有一次,当我们谈到抚养孩子时候,我对母亲感叹地说,这两个孩子现在都已经是独立,所以我在这个业务中扮演的角色已经越来越小 们曾经经营一些零售珠宝业务,我们都一起工作。 现在这两个男孩业务多元化,活跃在各个行业。 我甚至们的影子我都已经跟随不到

Calvin, the second son is always traveling abroad, while William the youngest son is based in Shanghai in one of our own companies in China. So, now my role is to be their correspondence writer, writing up contents for their websites, press releases, company profiles, business plans, the whole works so to speak.

Now, my mother dotes on these two boys, and they always visit her while they are back home. In her soothing voice, she said, “Your two boys are good in business and they are extremely hard working. There is still a role for you to play, as they said that you are an extremely talented writer. So stay in the background, write whatever they ask of you, don’t retire but do what you wanted to do all these while.”

我的第二个儿子加尔文都一直在国外遨游,而最小的儿子威廉则长期的驻在中国上海我们的一家公司里办事。 所以,现在我的职责就是成为他们的通信笔者,为他们的网站撰写公司的新闻报导内容,撰写公司的简介,草拟公司的业务计划等等等等。现在,我母亲溺爱这两个男孩,他们回来马来西亚时不管他们多忙都肯定会去拜访她老人家。 她用柔和的声音我说:的两个孩生意都很好,也非常努力的工作。 他们说你是一个非常有才华的作家,所以你还是要扮演一个重要的角色。留在他们的后方支持他,写下他们所要求你的任何东西,不要说退休,而是尽你所能去做这一切。

Coming from Mother, these words were indeed sweet music to my ears. She added further, “In the Great Yangtze River, the rear ocean waves propel those in front, the new generation excels the older one.” She gave me her ever loving smile and let the words sank into my Being.

出自亲口中,这些话确实好比是我听过最甜美的音乐。 进一步补充说:長江後浪推前浪,浮事新人換舊人”  给了我她爱的微笑,让这些话沉入和存在我心中。

So, now I can lay back, travel some, pursue what I have always wanted to do, that is, do some writing, yoga meditation, keep a healthy life style, heck, I can even watch the grass grows under my feet.


Anyway, I can still handle some diamond and jewelry transactions for their online company. So folks, browse through the website below and if you keen on certain jewelry items, drop me a note. I can still wrestle some good discount for you.

论如何,我仍然可以为他们的在线公司处理一些钻石和珠宝交易。 所以,大家浏览下面的网站,如果你热衷于某些珠宝项目,请寄我一个讯息。 我仍然可以为你争取一些好的折扣

The website is, an acronym for Lau and Calvin, and NY is for New York, which Calvin registered his company some years ago in New York City to handle the diamond business.

该网站是  www.lavinny.comLauCalvin缩写,NY是纽约,Calvin在几年前在纽约市注册了他的公司来处理钻石业务。
LAVIN NEW YORK, our diamond and fine jewelry website. Click on the picture to browse the website.


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