My Mother On The Smart Phone!

My Mother on her Samsung Handphone 母亲正在使用三星电话

My Mother On The Smart Phone!


Abstract: My mother is going to be 89 in May this year. My son bought her a Samsung Tap A smart phone with a 7” screen. With her new toy, she has been busy now watching old movies, on YouTube, Wechat, Whatsapp and on the family group chat. She even has a Facebook to boot!

摘要 : 我母今年五月份将要89. 我的儿子给她买了一台带七寸屏幕的三星Tap A智能手机。携着她的新玩具,她一直在忙着在YouTube上看老电影, 微信, Whatsapp, 在家庭团体聊天。 她甚至有一个Facebook帐户 !

Mother’s Facebook 母亲的面子书

Never Too Old To Learn


My mother will be 89 this coming May. Racked by osteoporosis, she has bent almost double. Since my father’s death last year in July she has been alone. Of course, she has the company of her grandchildren from my sister’s side and her great grand children.  I spend a couple of hours with her daily.  Mmm …getting her counsel and getting her to narrate all those stories of old China. She has a phenomenal memory and her mind is razor sharp.

我的母亲今年五月将会是89岁了. 由于年老的骨质疏松症的影响, 她的腰已经极度的弯了. 自从我父亲去年七月份去世以来,她一直便是孤独的一个人了. 当然,她的孙子女 – 我姐姐大儿子的两个孩子和她的曾孙子都一直在陪着她. 我每天都陪她几个小时, 去听她的劝告和建议,和听她叙述中国有趣的老故事. 她有一个惊人的记忆,她的头脑相似锋利的剃刀.

My parents (one year before my father’s passing) with Guangzhou relatives, her grandson and grand-daughter-in-law, great granddaughter and my brother. 一年前, (父亲过世前),我父母与广州的亲戚,孙子,媳妇,孙女,弟弟。

She walks slowly, sometimes with the help of a quad cane with 4 pods.  But her eyesight is still extremely good, with the help of a pair of long sighted spectacles.

My mother hale and healthy with razor sharp mind and good eyesight 我那健康, 视力好, 如同剃刀锋利头脑的母亲

She reads the local Chinese newspaper and watches the TV Chinese channels. But the Chinese movies are too long for comfort. So my sister suggested we get her a smart phone.

她走路慢慢的,有时会用到拐杖和四脚架的帮助. 她的视力还是非常的好, 只需要一双远视眼镜的帮助便可以了, 她喜欢读本地的中国报纸,看中国的电视频道. 但是本地电视太过沉闷和无聊,  所以我姐姐建议我们给她一个智能手机

My mother with my sister and yours truly 我的母亲和我的姐姐……母亲和我

Her grandson (who is my second son) bought a Samsung phone for her two weeks ago.  Less than two weeks, she is now quite good at handling her phone. She can make a video call on Wechat to her granddaughter in New York City. She video chats with her sister-in-law, who is 92 years of age, in Guangzhou and other relatives from China. Alas, there is only her sister-in-law who is of almost the same age group with her. All her friends and relatives have come to pass.


不到两周的时间,她现在已经很会使用这个电话了,  她还可以用微信和她在纽约市的孙女打电话呢. 她经常和她在广州92岁的嫂嫂和中国其他地方的亲戚进行视像聊天。 唉,只有她的嫂子和她几乎是一样相同年龄的姐妹, 她的所有朋友和亲戚都已经去世了。

She also reads messages on the family group chat on Whatsapp type written in Chinese characters. She scrolls through YouTube to read those videos which are of interest to her. She watches all her favorite Mandarin movies of the 60s and the 70s and some current movies, which I have down-loaded from YouTube and store onto the external micro-scan disk. She make normal calls to us. She also reads her Facebook.

She is such a blessing to all our family members.

Now, says who, that one is too old to learn!

她也可以在我的家庭聊天小阅读以汉字编写的Whatsapp类型的消息。浏览YouTube阅读她感兴趣的视频, 观看了所有她最喜欢的60年代,70年代的国语电影和一些当今的电影,那是我从YouTube载并存储在盘上. 她也常打电话给我们,  她的


现在,谁说的, 人太老了不能学习

My father and mother, circa 1947 in Guangzhou, China 我的父亲和母亲,大约在1947年 中国广州


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    1. Your family is a big family, you are fortunate to have good parents who teach and nurture, so you and your brother and your sister are good and can build a good family. With your family so your family will have all the happiness and success you are hoping for,,

    2. Haha, my mother is awesome. At 89 she has a phenomenal memory. I have recorded a number of stories and I will write them out piece by piece.

      Thanks MontyHall


    3. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, I have a very good family. My mother is the main anchor. She is awesome and have been telling me a lot of tales on Guangzhou, which I will write them out piece by piece. You have a good day.

    4. Your family is a big family, you are fortunate to have good parents who teach and nurture, so you and your brother and your sister are good and can build a good family. With your family. you are grateful to the parent so your children are grateful to you too. Your family will have all the happiness and success you are hoping for,,,😌😌😌god bless you ,,,Arthur from Kru Nung Ning ,,😊

    5. Dear Arthur,

      Welcome back! Your mother is *lovely*. Talk about aging gracefully, with style.

      I admire her (oh, yes, and you too!).

      What wonderful family photos 🙂


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