The Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond weighs 140.64 carat. It has a Brilliant Cushion cut. Its color can be considered whitish with a pale blue tinge. It was said that the original stone, when it was found in the Golconda mines in Southern India in 1701 weighed at least 410 carats (around 82 gms), before it was cut.

The Regent Diamond has been on displayed in the Louvre, Paris since 1887. Together with the Hortensia Diamond and the Sancy Diamond these 3 famous diamonds form the crown jewels of France todate.

The Regent Diamond, or sometimes referred as the Pitt’s Diamond has also its fair share of myth and legend.

One legend had it that in the late 1690s this rough diamond was found by a slave who worked the Kollur Mine in the Gunter district of Andhra Pradesh, where the famous Golconda mines were. He hid the stone inside a large wound in his leg. Later an English captain came to know of the existence of the diamond, killed the slave and took it away. The English Captain then sold the stone to Jamchand, an Indian diamond merchant.

The diamond was later purchased by Sir Thomas Pitt, the British governor in Madras. To dispel rumours that he had stolen the gem Sir Thomas published a letter in the London Daily Post that he had purchased the stone rightfully from an Indian merchant.

The rough diamond was subsequently cut in London to 141 carat. Sir Thomas had made many attempts to sell the diamond to members of the European. It was strange that such a big beautiful diamond did not attract much attention. Subsequently, Pitt unwillingly sold the diamond at a loss to the Duke of Orleans, the Regent of France in 1717.

The Regent Diamond was stolen during the French Revolution together with many crown jewels of the French royalties. It was later discovered among some roof timbers in a Paris attic.

Throughout the history of the Regent diamond, it has been worn by several members of the French royal family, including the great Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte.


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