The Last of the Few Meals …最后的那几餐…

The Last of the Few Meals …最后的那几餐

Brief: Today is the first anniversary of the demise of my father.  So I thought it is appropriate that I re-post this article on the first anniversary of his death.

Our family will always remember him as a great and loving husband and father.

May his soul rest in peace …

The following post below first appeared last August 2016.

今天是我父亲逝世的一周年。 所以我认为在他去世一周年之后我转发这篇上次的文章是适当的。




My father was 94. For the first two weeks of July 2016 he was weak and refused to eat. As we could not feed him anymore, we hospitalized him and was immediately put on an IV drip. He succumbed to old age and passed away peacefully.

去年七月我94的父七月的头两个星期 2016,他身体已很虚弱了,并开始拒绝吃饭。 为我们不能喂他了,于是我就送他去医院,立刻就为了他「(打)吊瓶掛水」….. 但最后, 还是屈服于老年,平静地过世了。

Below are the comments from my previous post, FB, well-wishers, prayers, contributions and condolence messages during his wake. We wish to thank all of you for being with us at a time of distress when a dear one is called away.

以下是我以前的帖子邮件FB的祝福者的祷告,贡献和慰问讯息的评论。 亲爱的朋友, 在悲时候,我们要感谢大家都能和我们在一起.

Comment: Arthur, you are a good son. May God bless you, your family and your parents, always.

Arthur: May God bless us all, always.

评论 : 亚瑟,愿上帝永的保佑, 祝福你,你的家人和你的父母。

亚瑟: 愿神永的祝福我大家.

Comment: I wish I could do that.

(Referring to bathing and feeding my father)

Arthur: Most of us wish too. It is not a chore. It is not a burden. It is not a responsibility. Neither is it an obligation. Simply, it is a privilege to serve.


亚瑟: 大多数的人都希望替父沐浴和喂食物不是一件烦恼,  也不是一个负担。 这不是责任,  也不是义务,  简单来说,这是服务的特权。

Comment: You are a filial son. I am sure your children will do the same thing to you when you are sick.

Arthur: Thanks but no thanks. Don’t delve on it, less it becomes self-fulfilling, i.e. I become bed ridden.

评论你是一个孝子。 我相信,当你生病的时候,你的孩子们会做同样的事情。

亚瑟:谢谢,但也不谢。 也不必要深入研究,順其自然


Comment: You are lucky to have aged old parents and your parents are lucky to have a good son.

Arthur: Yes. There is an old saying in Chinese: 见白头嗔,我见白头. Translation: Some may not like old folks, but I am very happy to see them.


亚瑟:是的 , 有一句句子:人见白头嗔,我见白头喜。 译:有些人可能不喜欢老人家,但我很高兴看到他们。

Comment: Your mother must be very sad at the demise of her husband.

Arthur: They were married for 69 years. My mother is a strong woman. She accepts the inevitable that nobody lives forever.


亚瑟:他们结婚了69年。 我的母亲是一个坚强的女人, 她能接受个不可避免的事….没有人能永的活着。

Comment: In the Chinese culture, filiality is an important personal trait of good character and you live up to it.

Arthur: Filiality is a universal value. All cultures emphasize on it. We contribute to the well-being of our parents in different ways.


亚瑟:孝顺是一个普遍价值。 所有文化都调它。 可以用不同的方式为我们父母的福祉作出贡献。

Comment: You may have gained a lot of merits by being filial to your parents. You will have good Karma.

Arthur: It’s better to do something for our parents out of love, and not of expectations.

评论:你可能因为孝顺父母而获得了很多优点。 你会有很好的因果报应


Comment: I have seen many who do not even talk to their parents when they were alive, but cried thunder and rain during their wake.

Arthur: A flower to the living is better than dozens of bouquet to the dead. A spoonful of porridge fed is better than to shed copious tears after they are gone.


亚瑟:活花比死掉的数十根花束好。 在他活着的时候喂一勺粥总比在他死后流一大堆眼泪来的好。

Comment (from many): Our deepest condolence to you and your family on the demise of your father. May he rest in peace.

Arthur: Thank you to all for your kind thoughts and condolence messages.

评论(来自许多人):我们对你和你的家人, 对你父亲的死亡深表哀悼。 愿他安息。

Le O’ Lah Ham

May God’s Will Be Done.



I have heard …我听说过


A jester once annoyed the King with an inappropriate joke in the medieval court. To vent his displeasure, he sentenced the jester to death.

在中世纪的法庭上, 一个小丑用不当的笑话惹恼了国王。 那个国王为了表示他的不满,他判处了小丑死刑。

Immediately when his words left his mouth, the King regretted it. The jester was his most loyal and favorite subject. But as the King of the court, a command once uttered could not be rescinded.

So the jester was imprisoned, awaiting the day for his execution.


那个小丑是他最忠实和最喜欢的公民, 但是作一个国王,一旦发出命令就不能被取消.


A few days later, the King summoned the jester.

“I shall grant you one last request. You may wish to die by the sword, or by the gallows, or by a chalice with poison or by any other means.” said the King. This was the least he could do for the jester.

 The jester, who was on his knees, gave a low bow.


我会给你一个最后请求。 你有一个选择你可以希望被剑杀死,或被绞刑,或用毒药或任何其他手段去达到死亡.国王说。这是国王能为小丑做的最低限度的一件事情.

那个小丑跪下来, 国王一个低低的鞠躬.

“Thank you, O’King, for bestowing me your grace.  I shall wish to die by my old age.”

The King was relieved for the jester’s quick wit. He spared him.

谢谢国王给我的恩典。 我希望我能年老自然死。

国王因为小丑的快速机智而放心, 最后他幸免小丑的死刑.


Don’t we all wish that, too.



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