What Are Diamond Accents?

Abstract: Diamond accents are those small diamonds that are set around a center diamond or a precious gemstone. These surrounding diamonds are designed to enhance the overall beauty of the jewellery.

A Round Brilliant Cut center diamond set with small RBC diamond accents

Diamond accents are meant to complement and augment the outlook of the jewellery piece. They are set there not to out-shine the master stone. They add charm, elegance, style and luxury to the center stone. Perhaps it gives a touch of nobility and personality to the overall construct of the final piece of jewellery.   

A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The shape of diamond accents are usually Round Brilliant Cut (RBC), Baguette, Marquise cut, Trillion and Princess Cut. Of these diamond accents the RBC is the most common.

A Straight Baguette Cut and a Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond as Diamond accents

If it is a customized jewellery, be it a ring or pendant, diamond accents are chosen based on the personal preference of the customer as the shape, size, color and the quantity (the number of diamond accents) will have an impact on the overall beauty of the jewellery.

A Trillion cut diamond

The weight, color and clarity grade should be of reasonable pricing, relative to the center stone. One would not use several 0.20 ct as diamond accents when the center stone is only 0.5ct. Similarly, a top range center diamond should not be surrounded by low grade diamond accent.

A Marquise Cut Diamond

Diamond accents do not have a standing on their own. However, when they are set with a center diamond they tend to either detract from it or enhance it. Hence, for a customer who wants to customize her diamond jewellery, the diamond accents must be viewed in relation to the center diamond. Diamond accents should elevate the beauty and glamour of the set jewellery to another level.

A Round Brilliant Cut Center Diamond set with 6 Marquise diamond accents

Usually diamond accents are real diamonds. It is rare that a sizeable center diamond be set with cubic zirconia stones. These diamond accents are still graded based on the 4Cs. However, the grade of these small diamonds are seldom mentioned.

A Princess Center diamond set with two Trillion cut diamond accents

Diamond accents are seldom sold to retail customers. These are usually purchased by jewellers on a wholesale basis. Hence, diamond accents are not priced as per stone, but on a per carat basis. Say, a jeweller might purchase a parcel of diamonds of 1 pointer ( 1 point is 0.01ct) of 1 carat in total weight and he will get about a 100 stones. A parcel of 1 pointer of G color and VS2 or SI1 grade may be sold for around US$300 per carat.

A Princess cut center diamond set with 10 pcs of smaller Princess cut diamond accents on its shank

For most of the high end jewellery brands like Tiffany & Co., Van Cleef Arpels, Harry Winston or Cartier, all diamond accents accompanying the center diamond must be of clarity grade VVS2 or higher, and the color grade should higher than F.

A Square Cut Center Diamond set with two Trillion Cut Diamond accent


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