A Diamond Engagement Ring Is It A Necessity Or A Luxury!

Abstract: A Diamond Engagement Ring is a necessity! All other diamond or colored stones rings are luxuries.

Consider this:

Man and Lady are in love, very much in love.

They are moon-eyed over each other. They want to be together all the time. Even when they are working, or away from each other, they are thinking of each other. Presence gives contentment and peace to their hearts and minds.  Absence makes their hearts fonder.

They have been to places where they felt that they were all alone for each other, even in a crowded pedestrian walk, or in a packed restaurant or a jammed tight subway train. Though they may be unconcerned about the crowd, they are not oblivious to the scenic beauty around them when they travel to strange places. The world is full of beauty when their hearts are full of love.

Their discovery period since they met have blossomed into fervent love for each other. That sublime inner feelings of grace, joy and happiness have crept slowly but surely into each’s other heart.

So, what is the next step?

To the man, his first wish is to get her an Engagement Ring.  

It might be a long tradition to follow, a culture to adhere, a trendy thing to do, or it might be the ingrained psychic of people over thousands of years that for the culmination of their love, something symbolic must be given. The culmination is not about the end of their love story. In fact, it is only the beginning.

Obviously, that symbolic ring should be the Diamond Engagement Ring…

For a Diamond Engagement Ring signifies all the rarity, beauty and durability of their love that has flowered over the course of their courtship.

For the Lady, she would be longing for the man to give her that Diamond Engagement Ring. Then she can make a bold statement to the world that the man she loves has made a claim on her. The claim to be his is not made in a possessive manner nor in a manner that she is bounded to him as his bounty.

But to build a life together, to bind their love, to commit themselves as life time partner and to bond and take care of each other as long as they live.  Perhaps to start a family with lovely kids, kids who will inherit their personality traits, their intelligence, their beauty and their compassionate nature.

And in years to come, both would remember clearly and vividly – the first time when they met perhaps in very unusual circumstances, their first date with their hearts in their mouth, the trials and tribulations that they have gone through, the first instance when she allowed him to hold her hand and their first kiss in a moonlit night.

Surely, when it comes to the matter of the heart, a Diamond Engagement Ring is no longer a consideration between a necessity or a luxury.



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