Truth – Here & Now

Meditation – The First Freedom & The Last Freedom

Truth is always here. It is already the case. It is not something to be achieved in the future. It is within you. You are the Truth: It’s just Here and Now.

So, it is not something to be created. Or something to be devised or something which is to be sought. Understand this clearly. Your meditation exercises will then be easy to do. It will not be difficult to grasp.

The Mind is a mechanism of desiring. Mind is always in desire – always seeking something, asking for something. Always the object is in the future. Mind is not concern with the present at all. In this very moment of the Now, the mind cannot move. The Mind needs the future in order to move. It can only move either in the past or in the future. It cannot move in the present. There is simply no space at all.

The Passing of a Great Master, one of the saddest day in my life.

Once again the Truth is in the present while the Mind is always in the future or in the past. So there is no meeting between the Mind and the Truth.

When the Mind is seeking worldly objects, it is not difficult. The problem is not absurd. It can always be solved. But when the Mind starts seeking the Truth, the very effort makes no sense at all. Because the Truth is always in the Here and the Now. But the Mind is always in the then and there.

You have to understand this clearly. There is just no meeting between the Mind and the Truth. You cannot seek Truth. You can find it, but you cannot seek for it. The very seeking is the hindrance.

The moment you start seeking you have moved away from the present. You have moved away from yourself, because you are always in your Mind. The seeking is always in the future. You are not going to meet whatsoever you are seeking. So you cannot seek anything non-worldly.

The moment you seek, it becomes the world. If you are seeking God, your God is part of the world. If you are seeking Moksha (Liberation), your Nirvana becomes part of your world. Your Liberation is not something that transcends the world. Because seeking is the world. Desiring is the world. So, you cannot desire Nirvana. You cannot desire non-desire. If you try to understand intellectuality, it will become a puzzle. The intellectual Mind ha no capacity to grasp the Truth.

The Truth is “Don’t seek it and you will find it.”

Then perhaps suddenly, you may find yourself in the present.

Here and Now!



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