The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

Abstract: When we were in our idealistic youth, most of us would dream of looking for the perfect woman to be his wife, or the perfect man to be her husband. Would it have happened?

I have heard:

A young man who had inherited a vast fortune from his father travelled all over the world in search of a perfect woman to be his bride.  He wanted to get married but he could not accept an imperfect wife.  The bride must be the perfect woman.

After 30 years he came home and his whole life was wasted as he could not find the perfect woman.  His loyal servant of many years then asked him, “O’ Master, you have travelled for so many years, surely you can find a single perfect woman?”

The Master replied, “Yes, once I came across one woman who was perfect.”

So his loyal servant asked, “Then what happened?”

The Master sadly replied, “What happened. That woman was looking for the prefect man, so nothing happened.


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