Cursed Diamonds

It is said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend, or a diamond is forever. And a diamond ring is to seal the marriage vow when the man puts on the engagement ring onto his fiancé’s fourth finger, the finger with a vein that connects directly to the heart.

Then again, one would have read that some famous diamonds are cursed. Each of these cursed diamonds have their own story to tell.  These tales are filled with mystery, misadventure, intrigue, tragedy, misfortune and untimely death. These tales may be concocted to lend it a mystic halo and over time each of these tales get longer, fictionalised and exaggerated, more horrific and gruesome, from thefts to inexplicable deaths, from curses that go down the family line, from strange and unexplainable accidents and from riches to rags and bankruptcies and suicides.

The favourite story line is always such that the stone was stolen from a Hindu temple in India by some clerics or Western priests. And the stone was gorged out from the eye of one of the Hindu Gods, hence, the curse would be upon any owners who dared to possess such piety stones.

Note that big diamonds were previously mined in Galconda in a specific geographic area in the present day Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states in South India in the early 16th century where this area was the primary source of the world’s largest diamonds.

However, some of these tales were still supported by certain documented facts. The Blue Hope diamond is one such tale with a long history of fascinating facts and fancies. The jinx was probably broken when there was no personal ownership of the Blue Hope Diamond when the last owner, Harry Winston, the famous high street jeweller and diamond dealer in New York City, donated the big blue to Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, where it can be viewed by the public.

No worries here that your diamond might be cursed.

A cut diamond is still a valuable diamond and there is no curse to it. It was only the historical biggies that mattered and that most cursed diamonds of the past have either been acquired, or donated or they have all but disappeared from public.

A diamond ring is still the engagement ring of the day.

For your reading pleasure, there will be a few more posts on cursed diamonds later.

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